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Placa de Expansão Roland Keyboards of the 60s&70s

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Youll find authentic combo organs like the Farfisa V.I.P., Vox Super Deluxe Continental, and Vox Jaguar presented in their full glory. The Rhodes Piano Bass is here to complete the 60s scene. If you need cheesy pads, nothing beats the old ARP and Elka string ensembles. Roland even included the Mellotron, Chamberlin, and Optigan libraries. Every key click, hiss, and tape wow are fully preserved. Top it all off with authentic record surface noise samples. Peace, Love, and Sampling!The Keyboards of the 60s & 70s Expansion board contains 255 waveforms and 255 patches. The board contains many of the favourite sounds from the "Vintage Keyboard" collection, which continues to enjoy widespread popularity.
This board, which is comprised mainly of organ and electric piano sounds, boasts a vast number of Hammond B-3 (tm) settings including draw bar combinations and percussive combinations. Also available are organ sounds from brands such as Farfisa(tm) and Vox(tm). The entire electric piano sound collection of Rhodes(tm) and some sounds from the Wurlitzer(tm) are also included. Clavinet and Mellorton sounds will take you back in time to the staple sounds of the 60s and 70s.   


Marca Roland
Referência PE